Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I've been reading Cronenberg on Cronenberg, a book I thought might be a little pretentious/arty/ bourgeois, but is actually one of the best books about film and film-making I've ever read, if not one of the best books in general. Not only is David Cronenberg incredibly and almost disturbingly intelligent (no surprise there), but his interviews are just so articulate, and the book's editor does an amazing job at making Cronenberg's evolution and career interesting. The whole thing is just very easy to read, like I find a lot of British English-language writings to be. There's just so much jam-packed in this book: Canadian culture (vs American and other cultures); the labors and loves of film-making; the creative process and the doubts and excitements therein; and, most refreshingly, David opening up about his personal life and perhaps his most personal film, The Brood.

The book has given me a lot of insight (I'm about halfway thru) and I really admire how David takes an apolitical stance to life and just employs critical thinking, sometimes (often!) coming up with persepectives that run counter to political correctness, anthropomorphism, liberalism, the zeitgeist, etc. A very independent thinker and artist. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

32 songs for the next 32 days

So I realized I have 32 songs on Soundcloud (and very little free time on SC left to post new songs), a veritable double album, so I thought I'd tweet a new song every day for the next 32 days, starting today. These aren't created-on-the-spot-each-day songs, but songs already in the can. (However, on a good week I actually do average about a song a day.) Follow me @monkeymarv on twitter or check out the whole bag of songs at Soundcloud.com/willards-canteen. Parental advisory on some of these songs. Today I'm kicking things off with a song called "The Briny Deep" from a buncha years ago. This song is semi-interesting: it's composed of two guitar parts. I had one guitar part and recorded it; then had this other guitar part that I thought at first was a separate animal. Then I realized that the two parts fit together, a melody and counter-melody. It was a nice moment that taught me about the importance of counter-melody in music. It just clicked. Stay tuned for tomorrow's song, and the day after that, and the day after that....

UPDATE: Well, folx, I've already fucked this project up. I or Soundcloud miscounted and there are actually 39 songs, so it's gonna be a longer ride.... Also, I posted a song, "Ian & Cody," too early -- I was supposed to save it for 3/17 (St. Patty's), because it is connected to the film Leprechaun 2. Oh well. Will double-post that one.